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Getting Started with Family History

Intimidated by starting your family history journey? Don’t be! This series of videos gives a great overview to start your own family history journey. FamilySearch Genealogy Getting Started Series

General Family History Search Engines is a free family history website that has member submitted family trees, digitized records, and search tools. If you want a place to build your family tree online (and keep things a little more organized), you can do so here. A word of caution though, your tree will be open to other users of the website and they may adjust or change information to add to your tree so keep a close eye on those ancestors back there! This website continues to add more images and indexed records constantly so make it one of your websites you revisit for new information. is certainly one of the bigger names in genealogy research, spanning multiple countries and even sponsoring a television show that has sparked many a new interested individuals to “take the plunge into genealogy”. This subscription based website has many, MANY records from multiple countries and member states of the United States and you can keep a copy of your family tree here as well; and choose to make it public or private for other researchers. This website does have a fee to use it but you can usually access it free through an LDS Family History Center. To find a center in your area, check here: Family History Center Locator

The National Archives has taken the fight to digitize their vast holdings to heart and has a limited number of records available online. As this organization is constantly obtaining more and more records and attempting to actually catalog them, the information is limited, but resourceful nonetheless. Also, you may find that a National Archives holds a record in one of its satellite locations about your ancestor that you may not be able to find online anywhere else. is the “google” of the genealogical link world. You can peruse through her listings of family history websites (some requiring a fee, some not) and find out about the lesser known resources available to aid in your research.

Genealogy Blogs:

Here is a great resource for upcoming blogs about a variety of genealogical subjects from numerous websites to make finding a subject matter blog quick and painless:

Intimidated by the barrage of blogs available? Why not focus on a smaller area or one or two blogs that may be more centered to YOUR research? Here’s an easy place to narrow down your search:

DearMYRTLE online genealogy blog

Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter:

These are just a FEW websites I use on a daily basis (because there are a LOT out there for you to use) and I will be updating more as I come across them. Happy ancestor hunting!